Gay star athletes - Jessy Russel And Deepdicc


Jessy Russel And Deepdicc Jessy Russel And Deepdicc
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You gotta love star athletes. You know the ones…who walk around campus and don’t give a shit about anything. Jessy Russel don’t care about classes and tests and mid-terms and finals. They don’t care because the system’s rigged in their favor, so they don’t need to perform anywhere else except the field. Deepdicc knows this. He’s a power forward on his college’s hoop team, and today his tutor has to get him past a math test. What the tutor doesn’t know is it doesn’t matter what he scores on the test — Deep will still “pass”. The tutor also doesn’t know that Deeps a bi-sexual freak Jessy Russel, and when Deep can’t get a hold of his girlfriend, he’ll stick his dick anywhere he sees fit — whether or not it will fit!!

Jessy Russel And Deepdicc Jessy Russel And Deepdicc

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